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Strategic Planning

Ideal for jumpstarting initiatives, conducting annual planning sessions, identifying annual, non-profit board objectives.  Companies of all sizes and industries with options starting at $1,000. 

Obtaining and Shopping Loan Relationships

With over a decade in commercial lending and banking, we take the hassle and stress out of this process and find the solution that meets your needs.  We deliver full financing packages to banks and other lenders and get you approved.  Pricing based on a % of approved commitments, and often no costs to our clients.


Complex, high net worth relationships that usually require months of explanation with each request along painful negotiation.  

Businesses who have never been through a loan approval process

Businesses that require creative solutions

Product Pricing

We study your products, conduct surveys and personal interviews with your clients and competition, and report back.  Options starting at $5,000.

Business Valuations

Coming soon

Part-time CFO/Financial Expert

If a full engagement just doesn't make sense for both of us, that's ok.  We're happy to provide you flexible options starting at 4 hours per month for $500.  Cancel anytime.  

Referrals and Direct Sales

We target willing buyers you just don't have time to call on.  Tell us why your product or service is amazing, and we'll sell it for you.  Options starting at $1,000 plus % of new sales.  We won't propose a cost that we believe impedes your growth.  

We love listening, and if we can't help, we'll find somebody who can. 

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